Centor 200 Series Integrated Door

Centor 200 Series Sliding 01 HR


When they call their new product “one of the most significant breakthroughs in window and door design in the last 50 years,” Centor certainly grabs your attention. So what exactly is the big deal?

Centor claims that the elegant new doors in their 200 Series collection are the world’s first to combine the door, screen, and shade into one system. So no extra clunky frame for a shade or insect screen (one of the most flimsy of the building product types). Designed for large exterior door openings from 3′ to 24′, the door features aluminum-clad wood doors with fully retractable screens and shades. Introduced at the AIA show in Denver last June, the doors come in a variety of configurations, including two and three-panel sliding patio, folding, double-swing, and single doors. Concealed hinges and hidden locks keep the inside view clean and minimal. The doors also have the added bonus of being Made in America, a boon to the local economy and those searching for LEED points for regional materials.

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