New IntelliFire Touch App from Heat & Glo Lets Homeowners Control Gas Fireplaces Remotely

At last month’s International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Heat & Glo introduced a new way for homeowners to feel a little more comfortable about the safety of their gas fireplaces while they are away from home. IntelliFire Touch Controls make it possible for homeowners to interact with gas fireplaces via a smartphone from virtually anywhere inside or outside the home.

The IntelliFire Touch smartphone app not only allows consumers to turn on their gas fireplace from a distance so they can arrive home to a pre-heated space, but also provides troubleshooting options, ensures the fireplace has been turned off after leaving, and allows users to monitor fireplace usage by others in the home (a safety lock feature prevents your smartphone-savvy toddler from creating a special light show for their imaginary friends). IntelliFire Touch also features a timer and settings that control temperature, flame height, interior lighting effects, and fan speed control.

The IntelliFire Touch app will be available for both iOs and Android smartphones and tablets, and is estimated to be available third quarter 2014 on select products. Heat & Glo plans to roll out the technology across its entire offering of gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts throughout the year.

IntelliFire Touch app

Image courtesy Heat & Glo


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