Electricity Collection of Solid Metal Light Switches + Dimmers from Buster+Punch

ELECTRICITY - Hero Shot - Buster & Punch

An attractive woman in a long dark trench coat enters the restaurant. She scans the room and sits down at a table in the corner. Seemingly out of nowhere a man joins her, placing a sleek metal briefcase on the table. She nods. He responds by clicking open the case and turns around to show her its contents. Inside is a selection of sleek, solid metal light switches and dimmers from London-based Buster + Punch. She gently strokes one of the diamond-cut knurled surfaces and smiles. She’s finally found the right hardware for that residential project!

The solid brushed brass switches & dimmers are flat plate and finished with the manufacturer’s signature solid penny buttons. The 2 Way / 400W dimmers and 2 Way / 10AX switches start at £30 each.


BLACK & BRASS - 1S - Buster & Punch - Cut OutSTEEL & BRASS - 1D - Buster & Punch - Cut Out WHITE & BRASS - 2D - Buster & Punch - Cut Out

All images courtesy Buster + Punch.

4 thoughts on “Electricity Collection of Solid Metal Light Switches + Dimmers from Buster+Punch”

  1. These are such a lovely thing! The U.S. has always had such a bad inventory of ‘must use’ switches that architects and builders don’t even try to come up with an alternative to the third most important thing in a building, turning on the lights. Meow, it’s on my must have list now. Thanks!


    1. Simon- That’s disappointing. Thanks for checking back and letting us know. I’ll keep checking in with the company to see if they plan on pursuing UL for the line in the future.


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