Guardian Industries’ New Science & Technology Center

Guardian Science & Technology Center SNX 51 23 Spandrel HT Photo by Ara Howrani
Front view of the Guardian Science & Technology Center in Carleton, Michigan. The glossy black spandrel on the south facade is one of the first applications for Guardian’s new Spandrel HT product. Photo by Ara Howrani.

What better venue for a glass manufacturer to showcase their latest glass products than on their very own technology center? That is the case with Guardian Industries’ newly expanded Science and Technology Center (STC) in Carleton, Michigan, a 27,000-square foot addition that opened in January 2015. Located 32 miles southwest of Detroit, the STC includes a full-size vacuum coater, a glass product showcase wall, a full-scale demonstration wall for advanced glazing technologies, and an upgraded and expanded laboratory space.

I caught up with Guardian during last week’s AIA expo in Atlanta to discuss some of the advanced architectural glass products that make up the STC building, including a curtain wall using Guardian’s high performance commercial glass products — specifically their new low-E SunGuard SNX 51/23 glass and SunGuard Spandrel HT — as well as building-integrated photovoltaic panels produced by another manufacturer. Guardian’s premier glass product, SunGuard SNX 51/23, contributes 51 percent visible light transmission and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23. According to Guardian, no other commercial glass on clear float produced in North America today offers this much light with so little heat.

Sacramento, California-based Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems designed and installed the façade system, which includes a full-size working model of the Bagatelos Net Zero Envelope. Although the facility is designed for net-zero energy use based on a typical office environment and associated energy consumption, as there are additional energy needs to run a world-class R&D center, the facility does currently use more energy than it generates.

Guardian’s InGlass interior products are also featured as part of the STC addition on applications including tables, white boards, credenzas, and countertops. These include Guardian Reveal switchable privacy glass; Guardian DiamondGuard, which protects glass from scratching up to 10 times longer than ordinary glass; and Guardian Berman Glass editions, patterned glass designs created by renowned glass artist Joel Berman and exclusively manufactured and distributed by Guardian.

3 Install Complete Courtesy BAGS nbagatelos at bagatelos dot com
Entrance of the STC facility. Image courtesy BAGS,
Guardian SunGuard SNX 51 23 Product
Guardian SunGuard SNX 51 23 product.

Architects and designers interested in touring the Guardian Science and Technology Center should contact Amy Hennes at or 248-340-2109.

Images courtesy of Guardian Glass. 

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