Showroom Visit: Moooi New York City


Last month in the midst of New York Design Week, the Dutch design brand Moooi opened its first showroom and store in the U.S. in Manhattan’s Nomad neighborhood. Although Moooi has showrooms in other cities, New York marks the company’s first “retail” showroom that is easily accessible to passersby off the street. Taking over a former Persian rug showroom on East 31st Street, the space is intended to be both a destination for designers visiting the nearby DDC showroom, as well as a draw for local residents who might be looking for a new couch. Moooi is the first Dutch design brand opening a store in the neighborhood — a decision partly driven by higher rents in typical design centers like SoHo.

I toured the showroom last week with Mooi’s U.S. country manager Jan-Willem Poels and showroom and brand store manager Michael Johnston. Both men agreed they have been happy with the traffic in the showroom so far. “All in all, we are very excited to have a home here in New York and every brand has the ambition to do something special here,” says Poels. “I am amazed already by the traffic we are getting. It’s a very good mix of people.”

The 3,875 sq. ft. showroom includes a ground floor retail space with a bare concrete floor and a white curving stair that leads to an upstairs office for showroom staff as well as the U.S. team of the online design magazine Dezeen. On display are the latest furnishings, lights, and rugs from the company — including new pieces launched during April’s Salone del Mobile —set up in vignettes that encompass Moooi’s electic, innovative nature. A bar in the back of the space allows for entertaining, while a temporary wall will eventually be removed to allow access to a skylight. The showroom is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 – 7:00 and on Saturday from 11:00 – 6:00. For more info or to set up an appointment, call 646-396-0455.

Moooi U.S. country manager Jan-Willem Poels behind the bar at the back of the showroom. © Rita Catinella Orrell


Moooi’s New York showroom and brand store manager Michael Johnston with Moooi U.S. country manager Jan-Willem Poels. © Rita Catinella Orrell
A selection of the artwork by artist Rahi Rezvani is presented throughout the space. © Rita Catinella Orrell
A temporary wall (covered with custom art) will be opened up in the future to open up a skylit space. © Rita Catinella Orrell
Moooi’s brand new carpet line is featured throughout, including the Scribble rug by Front. © Rita Catinella Orrell
Bart armchairs covered in bright-green quilted fabric are the centerpiece of one vignette. © Rita Catinella Orrell
The iconic Horse Lamp by Front stands at the base of the stairs leading to upstairs office space. © Rita Catinella Orrell
The handpainted Altdeutsche Clock by Studio Job. © Rita Catinella Orrell
Moooi’s line of luxury lotions, soaps, and other personal items for boutique hotels are intended to extend the brand name to new customers. © Rita Catinella Orrell
The entrance to the showroom. In the background are Prop Light Wall fixtures by Bertjan Pot. © Rita Catinella Orrell


Showroom Hours:

Tuesday – Friday, 11 am – 7 pm

Saturday, 11 am – 6 pm

Sunday & Monday, Closed (or by appointment only)

36 East 31st Street, NYC

+1 646-396-0455


All images © Rita Catinella Orrell.

2 thoughts on “Showroom Visit: Moooi New York City”

  1. I am in France Nd my hotel has the mood bath products. I return to New York City tomorrow, where I live, and would like to know where I can purchase the bath items.
    Thank you


    1. Audrey,

      I believe you can’t purchase these directly, they are only available through hotels. I suggest giving Moooi a quick call to double check they don’t sell them directly. Thanks for reading.


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