INK Collection by Arborite

The second edition of Arborite’s INK series of designer laminates features eight new patterns created by graphic designer Giona Maiarelli and interior designer/illustrator Marina Sagona. Pattern inspirations range from natural sources like constellations, wood, and Ginkgo leaves, to unexpected ones, like donuts and bagels. Arborite has acquired the technology to produce the designs in-house, which allows them to offer an accessible new price point. The Arborite INK patterns feature oversize repeats, available in standard 4’ x 8’ panels with no minimum order.

10_ARB_INK_Stella 09_ARB_INK_Archi 08_ARB_INK_Nuvole 07_ARB_INK_Tangram 06_ARB_INK_Topographik 05_ARB_INK_Anellini 04_ARB_INK_InTarsio 03_ARB_INK_NuvoleStellaGinkgoInTarsio 02_ARB_INK_StellaTopographikTangramInTarsio 01_ARB_INK_NuvoleAnelliniGinkgoArco


Images courtesy of Arborite.


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