Logiplaces Puzzle

Where is your favorite place? Is it a pastoral hillside or a major metropolis? Currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, Logiplaces is a 16- or 36-piece 3D puzzle made of concrete that enables you to take home a memory you made at any place in the world. Designed by the Hungarian architecture studio Planbureau, the puzzle is created when a 3D mold printed to the shape of the landscape is filled with a special concrete recipe. After drying, the pieces are then hand-polished and finished.

Currently there are two cities and two landscapes available: Zermatt in the Alps, the Grand Canyon, San Francisco, and Budapest, with more to come (including custom capabilities) as the crowdfunding progresses. The puzzles are intended to be kept on on the table or desktop when not in use. To reserve one of the first puzzles and contribute to future projects, check out the Logiplaces Indiegigo campaign page. Backing starts at $55 for an Early Bird Grand Canyon puzzle.

logiplaces_3574logiplaces_7706logiplaces_3887 logiplaces_3825 logiplaces_3793

3D printer making a Logiplaces mold.


The puzzle box.

All images courtesy of Planbureau Studio.

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