Verdura Door Series by Rocky Mountain Hardware & HOK Product Design

Rocky Mountain Hardware‘s latest designer collaboration is with HOK Product Design, a unit of the acclaimed architectural firm. The result is Verdura, an elegant door series that adds more of a modern edge to the manufacturer’s existing portfolio. Cast in the brand’s signature art-grade bronze, the collection includes three grips, two levers, and two escutcheons built for both passage and entry functions. All are available in 10 finishes with custom options. Verdura can also be hand-cast using CuVerro, a water- and wear-resistant bactericidal copper that is registered with the EPA to kill 99.9% of infectious bacteria.

© Kevin Syms
© Kevin Syms

RM_HOK_Verdura_Entry SetRM_HOK_Verdura_Passage Set



All images courtesy Rocky Mountain Hardware.

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