PlayCubes by Richard Dattner

Playworld, a designer and manufacturer of commercial playground equipment for parks, schools, and urban landscapes, has partnered with New York City-based architect Richard Dattner (recently in the news for his stunning Spring Street Salt Shed in New York City) to reintroduce an iconic design of his from the 1960’s. Called PlayCubes, the sculptural forms and distinctive geometric shapes encourage exploration and open-ended, child-directed play for children five and up. Kids can climb into the cubes from various angles, and experience them at different levels. They are available in single cubes for ages two and up, and in four pre-set designs that vary in size, capacity, and play activity for ages five and up. The cubes and slide are made of LLDPE plastic (linear low density polyethylene) with aluminum floor casting and stainless steel hardware.

The first installation of PlayCubes is at Boston’s Chinatown Park on The Rose Kennedy Greenway. The equipment is on display as an extension of Extraordinary Playscapes, an exhibition showcasing over 40 innovative play spaces from around the world that is set to open next month.

This video shows the Playcubes in action. It kind of makes you wish you were a kid again.

Images courtesy of Playworld

ssLOC_BOSTON_PlayCubes_ClarkV_160516_1220_edit LOC_BOSTON_PlayCubes_ClarkV_160516_1533_edit LOC_BOSTON_PlayCubes_ClarkV_160516_1782_edit LOC_BOSTON_PlayCubes_ClarkV_160516_5591_edit

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