Thislexik Arc Light

The Arc Light, a wall-mounted light fixture from Brooklyn-based Thislexik (rhymes with dyslexic), was one of the most magical objects on display at last May’s ICFF in NYC. Cut from a single slab of solid walnut, the handmade Arc Light uses a hidden Tesla coil to wirelessly power the LED tube lights that slot into the fixture’s meticulously-carved channels. A total of three levels of depth allow users to place the LED bulbs in overlapping patterns while various positions determine the brightness levels of each of the lights.

The LED bulbs are wirelessly powered by a Tesla coil encased in a transparent acrylic box on the left hand side of the light. The coil silently creates a wireless arc of energy that reacts with the inert gases in the bulbs – the closer the bulbs get to the machine the brighter they get. The light measures 23” high x 48” long x 13” deep and can be mounted with a French cleat. I think Tesla would approve.

arclight01 arclight02 arclight04

Images courtesy of Thislexik.

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