Bothy by SIXINCH N.A.

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Dating back to the 1700s, a bothy is a basic shelter found in remote areas of Scotland, Northern England, Ireland, and Wales to be used as a refuge for walkers, hunters, climbers, or hikers. Bothies are usually kept unlocked and available for anyone to use free of charge. SIXINCH developed their Bothy as an addition to the brand’s line of space definition products.

Taking the hybrid office concept to the next level, the easy-to-install, versatile, shed-like space offers a haven for workers looking to avoid distraction. It can also be used as a cozy meeting area as well as a creative, iconic space in open offices. The customizable design offers a choice of writable surfaces, sound absorbing panels, warm wood panels, upholstery, and laminates. It measures 4′-deep and 8.4′-high and comes in a choice of  6′ or 8′ wide.

Images courtesy of SIXINCH N.A.

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