Outdoor Furniture & Lighting by Santa & Cole for Landscape Forms

Landscape Forms has expanded its product portfolio with a new lounge chair, chaise lounge, and table in the Harpo family and the introduction of the Skyline light, all designed by the Barcelona-based brand Santa & Cole. Harpo, designed by father-and-son team Miguel and Gonzalo Mila, has a slim profile, robust structure, and clean, simple form.… Continue reading Outdoor Furniture & Lighting by Santa & Cole for Landscape Forms

The Ipnos LED Floor Lamp from FLOS

The Ipnos LED floor lamp is a tricky little fixture. It creates a soft glow via 196 LEDs that are magically concealed within a simple metal frame. Designed by the Milan-based Rossi & Bianchi Lighting Design for FLOS, Ipnos is composed of an ultra-light skeleton of thin extruded and anodized aluminum profiles. LED light sources… Continue reading The Ipnos LED Floor Lamp from FLOS

Cadet Luminaire Floodlight from Beacon Products

Beacon Product's new Cadet Luminaire floodlight from Hubbell Lighting is a direct replacement for quartz, compact fluorescent, metal halide, and High Pressure Sodium fixtures from 50W through 250W, making it an energy-efficient choice for applications including columns, flags, statues, security, landscapes, and building flood-lighting for commercial facilities in both residential and urban settings. Among its… Continue reading Cadet Luminaire Floodlight from Beacon Products

3 Series Downlight Family by Lucifer Lighting

Lucifer Lighting's new 3 Series family of downlights are offered for interior and IP64 exterior locations. The series includes fixed models with precision-tapered apertures to optimize lumen output, and dual-axis adjustables (45° tilt/ 361° rotation) are hot-aimable and lockable from below with advanced aiming mechanics to ensure beam quality throughout the adjustment range. Lensed wallwashers with… Continue reading 3 Series Downlight Family by Lucifer Lighting