Blueprint Tubes by Dusan Vlajkovic

Serbian-based artist Dusan Vlajkovic cuts, carves, and hand-stitches these high-end leather tubes for drawings, maps, posters, or artwork from 100% natural materials. Made in Serbia from double-layered Italian leather, waxed polyester thread, and metal alloy, the tubes come in a range of sizes, styles, and colors. An inner layer of leather is impregnated with natural… Continue reading Blueprint Tubes by Dusan Vlajkovic

Leather Drawing Tube by Walnut Studiolo

This leather drawing tube is handcrafted in Portland by Walnut Studiolo, a workshop founded in 2009 by Geoffrey Franklin. Geoffrey, who runs the studio with his wife Valerie, designed the the hand-stitched, vegetable-tanned leather tube for carrying drawings, maps, artwork, posters, or anything you can roll. The matching leather shoulder strap is permanently attached to the lid, keeping the tube closed… Continue reading Leather Drawing Tube by Walnut Studiolo