Armstrong FastSize Ceiling Program

Isn’t it always a bit surprising when a large company, one that has no compelling reason to make things easier for your difficult little project because of the sheer volume of product they sell around the country, actually does just that. Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Systems has launched a new ceiling panel and suspension system program that is ideal for projects where narrow linear fixtures or diffusers are used or where building modules are not standard. These types of installations typically require cuts for ceiling panels and custom routed suspension systems around lights and diffusers. The new program eliminates inconsistent field-modified panels and grid. FastSize products are available in a variety of Armstrong product lines including Ultima, Optima, Optima Capz, and Cirrus ceiling panels. The made-to-order ceiling panels range in size from 4” to 48” long and 4” to 120” wide, while suspension systems range from 36” to 144” for main beams and 6” to 144” for cross tees. Suspension systems ship in two weeks, ceiling panels in three weeks. A one week carton minimum is required for either one.

Photo Caption: Armstrong’s Ultima Ceiling Panels are shown in the offices of Harley Ellis Devereaux, an architectural firm in Los Angeles. Image courtesy Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Systems.


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