USAI Lighting & Armstrong Ceilings Partnership

A partnership between Armstrong Ceiling Solutions and USAI Lighting has produced On-Center Downlighting, a new lighting solution that seamlessly integrates USAI’s new BeveLED Connect downlights with a revolutionary new ceiling system that allows for perfect alignment of ceiling grids, lighting, and architectural elements. The newest member of USAI Lighting's award-winning BeveLED family, BeveLED Connect offers… Continue reading USAI Lighting & Armstrong Ceilings Partnership

Zintra Acoustic Clouds & Baffle System by Baresque

Baresque, an Australian distributor of wall coverings, finishes, and furnishings, has introduced a line of acoustic ceiling treatments to the North American market. The Zintra Acoustic Clouds and Baffle System can be suspended or affixed directly to ceilings to provide 3D texture and sound mitigation in commercial spaces. Zintra Clouds, which are composed of grid-like… Continue reading Zintra Acoustic Clouds & Baffle System by Baresque

News Roundup: Lutron Recall, Philips Pays $2 million Civil Penalty, Rockfon to Build First North American Factory

Lutron Recalls Roman Shades According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Lutron Electronics has recalled Roman Shades due to a strangulation hazard. The recall involves 240 hobbled-style, motorized, or manual, custom-made Roman shades made out of fabric mounted on a metal frame, manufactured between December 17th, 2009 and July 23, 2015. No… Continue reading News Roundup: Lutron Recall, Philips Pays $2 million Civil Penalty, Rockfon to Build First North American Factory

The Material ConneXion Jury Meeting

  Last week I made a visit to the New York City office of Material ConneXion to participate in their monthly jury meeting to select new materials for the library. A world leader in material innovation, Material ConneXion is a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies as well as forward-thinking agencies and governmental bodies seeking a creative, competitive, or sustainable edge. Material… Continue reading The Material ConneXion Jury Meeting