Zintra Acoustic Clouds & Baffle System by Baresque

Baresque, an Australian distributor of wall coverings, finishes, and furnishings, has introduced a line of acoustic ceiling treatments to the North American market. The Zintra Acoustic Clouds and Baffle System can be suspended or affixed directly to ceilings to provide 3D texture and sound mitigation in commercial spaces. Zintra Clouds, which are composed of grid-like blades made of the same polyester as Zintra Acoustic Panels, come in four different options, in standard diameters of 43” to 47”, depending upon the shape (square or circle). The Zintra Acoustic Baffle System is claimed to be an easy-to-install replacement for a traditional mineral fiber lay-in ceiling system. It is available in two standard sizes and baffle depths, and comes with a pre-assembled frame ready to affix to the ceiling substrate or hang via ceiling rods and adjustable suspension hangers. Both products are Class A fire-rated and provide a noise reduction coefficient of at least 0.9.

Drukowanie ZintraBaffle2 ZintraClouds-Clochette ZintraCloudStratus

Images courtesy Baresque.

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