Goccia Faucet & Fixture Line by Gessi

Gessi Goccia living area
This freestanding pedestal sink and floor-mounted faucet from Gessi’s Goccia line can double as sculpture in the living room. Warning: In this scenario your five-year-old might help you find out how much water your sofa can contain before disintegrating.

With a silhouette based on the form of a single extended droplet, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gessi‘s Goccia line of faucets and fixtures was designed by an artist. But what’s more intriguing is that designer/sculptor Prospero Rasulo’s new line questions where a sink and faucet belong within a home. Rasulo, who has collaborated with Gessi on several other product lines, has conceived of new applications for his plumbing fixtures, including a sleek dining table with a sink and faucet at one end. In a living room setting, he envisions a freestanding pedestal sink and floor-mounted faucet that recalls Achille Castiglioni’s Arco lamp. In a way, it’s like a modern indoor fountain — half water source/half sculpture.

Besides wall-mount, deck-mount, and floor-mount faucet styles, Goccia offers a dramatic ceiling-mount style in a standard 65” length, as well as custom sizes. The collection also includes ceramic vessel, pedestal and drop-in lavs, showers, and a full line of accessories. According to the manufacturer, all Goccia faucets are equipped with a technology that allows for a 50% water savings.

While having a faucet next to your coffee table might be unrealistic, one benefit of making water more present is that folks might actually drink more of it. According to the Chicago Tribune, a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that nearly half of Americans are not drinking enough water. 7% actually drink no water at all — which I find more of a shock than the idea of installing part of my bathroom in my living room.

Gessi Goccia dining table

The Gessi Goccia dining table concept with embedded sink and faucet. You can even wash the dishes without getting up from the table.
Gessi Goccia ceiling mount faucet and lav
Goccia’s 65”-standard ceiling mount faucet and lav.
_Gessi Goccia shower
The Gessi Goccia shower takes an exaggerated droplet form.

Disclaimer: Gessi was one of the sponsors of  my trip to the London Design Festival as part of BlogTour London. The opinions in the post are entirely my own.



2 thoughts on “Goccia Faucet & Fixture Line by Gessi”

  1. Thanks for your comment Robin. According to a rep from Gessi these products are not meant to be used outdoors. Too bad right?


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