Alta Compact Faucet + Modex Kitchen Sink by BLANCO

Earlier this year, German manufacturer BLANCO introduced several new products to the residential market, including faucets in both traditional and contemporary designs. Suitable for compact sinks or work areas, BLANCO's contemporary Alta Compact faucet features an extendable pull-out design with a dual-spray feature and a spout that can be swiveled through 120 degrees for greater… Continue reading Alta Compact Faucet + Modex Kitchen Sink by BLANCO

Goccia Faucet & Fixture Line by Gessi

With a silhouette based on the form of a single extended droplet, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Gessi's Goccia line of faucets and fixtures was designed by an artist. But what's more intriguing is that designer/sculptor Prospero Rasulo's new line questions where a sink and faucet belong within a home. Rasulo, who has collaborated… Continue reading Goccia Faucet & Fixture Line by Gessi