Kaza Concrete

Crisp tiles designed by Levi Fignar for Kaza Concrete. © Rita Catinella Orrell

Kaza Concrete‘s new Mystile collection of contemporary artistic wall and floor surfacing uses a “reengineered” fiber-reinforced concrete shaped by meticulously handmade molds. Crisp, by designer Levi Fignar, was developed out of the designer’s interest in polygonal architecture. Crisp is a collection of wavelike concave and convex tiles with a faceted face of small triangles that capture the light and animate the entire surface. The Button collection, by Codolagni Design Studio, looks like a stretchable rubber sheet that has been pulled taut against a wall of raised knobs. Other designers who have collaborated with Kaza include Erica Wakerley, a specialist in modern surface design for interiors, Marco Piva, an Italian architect, interior designer, and product designer, and Kirath Ghundoo, a surface pattern and wallpaper designer.

I took some video at Kaza Concrete’s booth at 100% Design during the London Design Festival. Look how the faceted face of the Crisp tiles become animated with light.

Detail of Crisp. Image courtesy Kaza Concrete.
Button by Codolagni Design Studio for Kaza Concrete. Image Courtesy Kaza Concrete.
Form by Erica Wakerly for Kaza Concrete. Image courtesy Kaza Concrete.

Intended for indoor or outdoor use, these luxe concrete tiles are specified most frequently for the hospitality industry. Want to create a pattern with this incredible new architectural surface? Contact Kaza with your idea and you might join their list of designers.

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