DuPont Tyvek ThermaWrap R5.0

DuPont Building Innovations’ new DuPont Tyvek ThermaWrap R5.0 delivers the benefits of a weather barrier along with an insulation value of R5.0. Like all Tyvek building wraps, ThermaWrap R5.0 helps keep air and bulk water out of walls, but is breathable, allowing moisture vapor to escape the wall assembly. The wrap provides continuous exterior insulation (CI), increasing the R-value of the wall while reducing thermal bridging, and can be installed shingle fashion (unlike rigid, exterior foam insulation), reducing the potential for bulk water infiltration into the wall assembly. It is made with 20 percent pre-consumer, recycled polymers, including polyolefin.

ThermaWrap R5.0 is currently available through distributors and dealers east of the Mississippi. By the end of 2014, it is expected to be available across the remainder of the United States and Canada.

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