Kitchen & Bath Hardware by Top Knobs

Kitchen and bath cabinet hardware specialists Top Knobs introduced several new hardware collections along with sister company Hardware Resources at an event at their booth during the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show earlier this month in Las Vegas. The new products on display included Europa, Holland, and Glacier, three designs in the company's Mercer Collection.… Continue reading Kitchen & Bath Hardware by Top Knobs

Decorative Sound Panels from Wobedo Designs

The acoustical panels and room dividers from the Swedish company Wobedo Designs are designed to not only create more balanced acoustic environments, but better looking ones as well. Wobedo's product lines, including wall-mounted and freestanding options, offer Class A sound-absorption coefficients in 500 Hz to 4000 Hz frequency ranges. The panels are covered in an… Continue reading Decorative Sound Panels from Wobedo Designs

DuPont Tyvek ThermaWrap R5.0

DuPont Building Innovations' new DuPont Tyvek ThermaWrap R5.0 delivers the benefits of a weather barrier along with an insulation value of R5.0. Like all Tyvek building wraps, ThermaWrap R5.0 helps keep air and bulk water out of walls, but is breathable, allowing moisture vapor to escape the wall assembly. The wrap provides continuous exterior insulation (CI),… Continue reading DuPont Tyvek ThermaWrap R5.0

August Smart Lock

If you are you the type of person that still laments the switch from traditional metal keys to plastic keycards in hotels, then you might not be ready for the new August Smart Lock. This Bluetooth-enabled system, from Jason Johnson and Yves Béhar, allows you (and anyone else of your choosing) to unlock your front door simply… Continue reading August Smart Lock