17th Century tile collection by Clé for Tilevera


Clé’s 17th Century tile collection, designed by Deborah Osburn for Tilevera, was inspired by 17th century delftware. Osburn has expanded the original delftware colors of blue and white, yellow, and magenta to include a modern palette of pink, grey, green, teal, and persimmon. The modern update is incredibly refreshing and sophisticated. Each 12″ x 12″ limestone tile is either hand-painted or hand-lithographed in one of six patterns; acanthus, holly, tulip/carnation, diamond/circle, fleur de lys, or quatrefoil. In the 17th century method of creating patterns, four individual tiles meet in the center to comprise a singular design. The tiles, for indoor or outdoor use on walls or floors, can be hand painted or created through a lithography process. Available exclusively on cletile.com.

cle-tilevera-17c quatrefoil magenta
cle-tilevera-17c diamond-circle delft1
cle-tilevera-17c holly grey

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