Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm



Nest caused a stir in 2011 with the introduction of their award-winning, sleek circular thermostat that helps save energy by learning the homeowner’s heating preferences each time they use it. Now the company, led by Apple alum Tony Fadell, has entered the life safety category with Nest Protect. Using the tagline “safety shouldn’t be annoying” Nest Protect is intended to help users avoid false alarms or middle of the night chirps that might result in alarms being disabled.

This is how it works. Before sending out a shrill alarm for non-emergency situations like the toast burning, the Nest’s ring will light up yellow and notify you in a human voice of the location of smoke in the house. For “nuisance alarms” such as this, you can just stand still under the alarm until the light starts pulsing, then wave your arm to “hush” the alert (your hand must be 2 to 8 feet away for the alarm to sense it). A verbal response will notify you that the alert has been hushed. You can also push the Nest button if you can reach it. If you are away from home, you can monitor the system (along with the Nest Thermostat) from an app on your smartphone.

Nest Protect retails for $129.

protect-black-pathlight 6

protect-night-time 2

protect-iphone-in-hand 2


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