Custom Furnishings for a Toy Collector by Think Fabricate


When the Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary design firm Think Fabricate was hired to create custom furnishings to house the toy collection of an underground cartoonist, their assignment wasn’t child’s play. The cartoonist’s collection, which he began about 15 years ago, includes art related to comics and antique tin toys from the 30s through the 60s. His most treasured piece? A 150-year-old French mannequin with porcelain teeth and real human hair on its head and brows.

While this was the first time Think Fabricate designed pieces to house a client’s collection, the multidisciplinary design firm has a personal interest in collections. In fact, many of their product lines are inspired by groupings of objects. The firm’s Not Your Mother’s line, for example, was inspired by the antique plate collection of Think Fabricate CEO and architect Susan Doban.

For the collector’s home, the firm designed a media center, bookcases, and wall-mounted credenzas. A corner wall-mounted glass-enclosed display case was designed to house part of the toy collection, while a large walnut and glass-enclosed cabinet with internal illumination was created for the bulk of the collection.

The designers used recessed low-voltage LED strip lights in both the master and corner display cabinets in order to provide a consistent light source while keeping the heat as low as possible inside the glass-enclosed cabinetry. Some of the pieces feature a silver-green laminate by Abet Laminati selected by the client. While the wood is consistently walnut, both plain sliced and quarter-sawn veneer were used throughout.

Bonus points go to the reader who can identify the three small creatures standing on the top shelf in the image below. Hint: They are the mascots (and namesakes) of a famous American fabric company and you might have had seen one hanging around your office at some point.





 All photos courtesy Think Fabricate. 

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