NON LINEAR Modular LED Luminaires

Pasadena-based design studio NONDESIGNS creates customizable products for architects and designers to build branded environments. The firm's line of NON products, which are all made in Pasadena, range in scale from small objects to lighting systems to furniture to modular architecture. NONDESIGNS is led by Chinese-born Miao Miao who earned her B.S. in Interior Design… Continue reading NON LINEAR Modular LED Luminaires

Custom Furnishings for a Toy Collector by Think Fabricate

When the Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary design firm Think Fabricate was hired to create custom furnishings to house the toy collection of an underground cartoonist, their assignment wasn't child's play. The cartoonist's collection, which he began about 15 years ago, includes art related to comics and antique tin toys from the 30s through the 60s. His most… Continue reading Custom Furnishings for a Toy Collector by Think Fabricate