Everbright Interactive Light Wall

Everbright's booth drew a crowd during last month's ICFF show in New York City with its light wall display. Working like a giant version of the old school Light-Brite pixel toy, Everbright is a screen of round dials that turn in either direction to create a rainbow of LED colors in more than 162 hues.… Continue reading Everbright Interactive Light Wall

NON LINEAR Modular LED Luminaires

Pasadena-based design studio NONDESIGNS creates customizable products for architects and designers to build branded environments. The firm's line of NON products, which are all made in Pasadena, range in scale from small objects to lighting systems to furniture to modular architecture. NONDESIGNS is led by Chinese-born Miao Miao who earned her B.S. in Interior Design… Continue reading NON LINEAR Modular LED Luminaires

3M Film & Ecovative Living Bricks Make Up Hy-Fi Installation in MoMA’s PS1 Courtyard

Part of the summer experience in New York City —at least for the past 15 years—has been making a visit to the outdoor courtyard at MoMA's PS1 in of Queens to listen to DJs, rub shoulders with other hipsters, and view the latest installation in the Young Architects Program. Designed by David Benjamin of the New York… Continue reading 3M Film & Ecovative Living Bricks Make Up Hy-Fi Installation in MoMA’s PS1 Courtyard

NYCxDesign Roundup: Sight Unseen Offsite + WantedDesign

Only two years old, New York City's NYCxDesign design festival has quickly become a massive spectacle of design related to furniture, architecture, accessories, and even food. Last Friday I visited two major events taking place in town during the festival: the SightUnseen Offsite downtown at 200 Layafette Street and the WantedDesign exhibition at the old Tunnel building on 269… Continue reading NYCxDesign Roundup: Sight Unseen Offsite + WantedDesign