Everbright Interactive Light Wall

Everbright‘s booth drew a crowd during last month’s ICFF show in New York City with its light wall display. Working like a giant version of the old school Light-Brite pixel toy, Everbright is a screen of round dials that turn in either direction to create a rainbow of LED colors in more than 162 hues.

The Everbright booth at the ICFF in May. Photo by Rita Catinella Orrell

The light wall is made with a highly-density, moisture- and UV-resistant, highly durable engineered wood product called Valchromat that has an almost felted look. Everbright can be dimmed or brightened wirelessly on demand, or at scheduled intervals. Custom color palettes are also available, such as pastels or warm autumn colors.

Photo courtesy Cantor Fine Art Gallery
Photo courtesy Cantor Fine Art Gallery

Tough enough for public spaces like museums, Everbright features dials that cannot be removed from the front of the board. If someone does manage somehow to pry one off though, Everbright’s modular design limits it to the affected pixel. While primarily intended as an open-ended device for creativity, Everbright can also run pre-set animations, seed patterns, and other custom, branded interactions. Look for one in a lobby near you soon.

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