GE’s New Monogram Dishwasher Features its Own Soundtrack


Dishwashers are generally noisy machines, but what really can be done about that? Well, GE’s new solution might be the best thing to happen to kitchen appliances since the ice dispenser. In addition to offering advanced cleaning technology via its 102 jets and numerous other features, GE’s new Monogram dishwasher is the first appliance to feature its own soundtrack.

For the past two years, GE’s Industrial Design Operation gave each of the company’s four appliance brands, including Monogram, its own unique sonic palette. For Monogram appliances, the team composed an elegant, classical piano number that can be heard when turning the dishwasher on or off and receiving notifications. With a dBA of 39 during wash and dry cycles, GE claims that the only thing you will hear while your dinner dishes are washing up will be the classically scored sounds. The dishwasher has an MSRP of $1,799 and will be available next month.

To hear a sample of the Monogram dishwasher soundtrack click the arrow below.




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