3 Series Downlight Family by Lucifer Lighting

Lucifer Lighting‘s new 3 Series family of downlights are offered for interior and IP64 exterior locations. The series includes fixed models with precision-tapered apertures to optimize lumen output, and dual-axis adjustables (45° tilt/ 361° rotation) are hot-aimable and lockable from below with advanced aiming mechanics to ensure beam quality throughout the adjustment range. Lensed wallwashers with internal linear optics offer good wallwashing coverage with fewer luminaires.

Numerous LED configurations are offered in 80+ CRI and 95+ CRI, with lumen packages up to 2220LM (35W), in color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K.  The 3 Series is built around a 3.5” die-cast aperture with 5.13” trim plate available in granulated powder coats, treated metals, and plated finishes.




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