Case Study: FlavorPaper Installation for JugoFresh

When the cold-pressed juice company JugoFresh opened a storefront last year in the heart of Miami’s art district, it needed a bold look to match the neighborhood. The JugoFresh design team chose several different patterns of FlavorPaper wallpaper for the juice bar and a production facility including a state-of-the-art kitchen, offices, and conference rooms. Customers are greeted at the door by a large-scale image of photographer Boone Speed’s Leap of Faith photograph, printed on eco-friendly Terralon, a PVC-free printable wallcovering.

The most striking application can be found in a bright green entry space with geometric painted floors and ceilings that coordinate with Flavor Paper’s Mossy Fields Warhol Camouflage pattern (below).

Camo Wall - side Jugofresh Celestial Dragon Jugofresh Digital Jugofresh Rio Croc Kitchen Main Shop Image


All images courtesy FlavorPaper.

1 thought on “Case Study: FlavorPaper Installation for JugoFresh”

  1. Wait until you see the two new JugoFresh locations – especially the Continuum!! Amazing use of wallpaper!! Thanks for the love.


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