Altitudes Torsion Spring Custom Ceiling System from Armstrong


Armstrong‘s new Altitudes Torsion Spring custom ceiling system is intended to allow architects and designers to specify a monolithic visual in large-size panels that provide excellent acoustics and 100% downward accessibility. The sag-resistant panels are available flat or curved in custom sizes up to 4′ x 12′ or 5′ x 10’ with or without upturns. Made from metal-framed fiberglass with a 1/8” reveal, the ceiling panels have an NRC of 0.85, absorbing 85% of the sound that strikes them. The panels give designers a good choice of custom colors and fabrics, including Sherwin-Williams paints or fabrics from Maharam, Knoll, Carnegie, Designtex and others. The panels are easily installed using torsion springs in a pre-slotted, standard 15/16” Prelude suspension system and have a Class A fire rating.  Seismic-tested and approved, the panels are recommended for use in transportation, offices, lobby areas, and auditoriums.


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