Architects Toybox 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

This site wouldn’t be much of a Toybox if I didn’t feature a list of gifts around the holidays. So without further delay, here are a dozen of my favorite new gift ideas for designers, architects, and anyone else who values good design. Whatever you celebrate, I wish you a new year surrounded by the people you cherish.

1. For the Jewelry Addict

These architecture-inspired earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, rings, and necklaces, designed by Andrea Panico of Pico Design, pay homage to projects and architectural movements from the Romans up to today. Shown below are the Marble Cube Earrings ($75) made from black marble and the brass and silver Colosseum Necklace ($300) inspired by Ancient Rome.


LA151-12. For the Ceramic Lover

Spin Ceramics opened up their first store outside of Asia earlier this year in downtown Manhattan. New pieces from the line include the Ridge-Lined Sake Set ($180), the Underglaze Red Mug ($45), and the whimsical Pepper Chopstick Rest ($20).



3. For Those Who Know When to Fold ’em

These colorful Illustrated Playing Cards by the Portland, Oregon-based artist Aaron Trotter include decks celebrating landmarks of New York, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington, D.C., Paris, Rome, Vancouver, B.C., and Eugene and Astoria, Oregon. $20 per deck.




4. For The Chef

Designer Massimo Castagna’s bestselling Glass Pot, made of transparent borosilicate glass, adds some drama to dinner time. Made in Italy, the dishwasher-safe pot has an 8 quart capacity. $200.

Glass Pot

5. For the Gadget Geek

The NomadKey is a portable smartphone cable the shape of a house-key that is designed to fit onto your keychain so you’ll always have a smartphone cable at hand. You can use the NomadKey to charge/sync your smartphone from any USB port, incredibly handy when on the road. $29.00.


NomadKey Lightning MacBook

6. For the One Always on Time

Q&Q (Quest & Quality) is a new line of solar-powered watches for the U.S. marketplace. At just $40, the waterproof watches never require a battery replacement. Around the large watch face is a thin band of photovoltaics that recharges the watch for up to three and a half months after a single charge.


7. For Good Measure

British Industrial Designer Sebastian Bergne’s Measuring Square silk scarf features a pattern generated by the grid formed when centimeters, inches, and degrees coincide. Printed and finished in Italy on high quality silk, the scarf is only available at the Conran Shop or online at Bergne’s site.  £150 to £195.



Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 2.18.56 PM

8. For the Statement Maker

You know who you are. You love your jewelry to express your individuality and these Memphis-like pieces from the incredible London-based designer Inca Starzinsky will certainly do the trick. Her new collection includes chunky, digitally printed, laser-cut acrylic necklaces, earrings, and rings in a bold color range. £35 to £75.


IncaS_BLO_PE_SEMIC_ang_burg_blu 2IncaS_BLE_NCL_or

9. For The High Flyer

Via the MoMA Store

The Sailing Ship Kite was inspired by traditional Balinese kite designs, such as those seen flying during the annual Bali Kite Festival. When not in the sky it can be a great decoration for the nursery or playroom. Handcrafted out of bamboo and nylon, the kite (thankfully) comes assembled. $40.00

Sailing Ship Kite image

10. For the Dinner Host or Hostess

Mrs. Strong’s whimsical seating cards and drink coaster are the perfect host/hostess gift. The set of 12 engraved place cards ($40) tells you either to Sit Here! or forces you to introduce yourself to your neighbor. The set of six metallic “Last Drink” coasters is a good way to get folks to remember it’s time to head home (with a designated driver of course).

unnamed-9 unnamed-8 unnamed-1011. For Those Who Cast No Stones

This Glass House snow globe from the The Glass House Design Store has been backordered until March 2015, but it’s too perfect to leave off the list. Perhaps a St. Patrick’s Day present? $60.00.

snow globe 3

12. For the Birder

Made in Los Angeles and inspired by California Craftsman style bungalows, Scout Regalia’s new SR Birdhouse Kit is made of laser-cut birch plywood. You can stain, clear coat, paint, or cover the house in birdseed. Enjoy free shipping on all online orders from now until December 19th with code SRFREESHIP.


All images courtesy of the manufacturer. 

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