Cocoon Fireplaces


Designed by Federico Otero, the contemporary line of Cocoon Fireplaces run on bio-fuel (denatured ethanol), are smoke free, and require no flue, making them a hassle-free addition to interior and exterior spaces. The units produce approximately 3.6kw, the equivalent to a small to medium gas or electric heater.

The unusual, porthole-like Vellum line (above and below) comes in a black satin and stainless steel finish. Vellum, which measures 23.7” in diameter x 15” deep, offers a combustion chamber with a 1.5 liters capacity, which lets it burn up to six hours. Since it doesn’t have the required flue of other suspended fireplace designs, the suspended Aeris design hangs off an adjustable hanging pole with six height positions. An added benefit to the lack of a flue is that the units can rotate 360 degrees. Not shown is the Terra Black which resembles a small indoor barbecue when lit.


When not in use, why not use the Cocoon to serve champagne?

cocoon 19


All images courtesy of Cocoon Fireplaces.

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