Mask Radiator by Caleido


Caleido, an Italian manufacturer of contemporary radiators, towel warmers, and bio-fuel fireplaces has introduced Mask, a multi-purpose designer radiator by Caleido Studio. Measuring 47.6” high x 21.6” wide, Mask is made of carbon steel and can be heated by water, electric, or mixed heating sources. It comes with two slots in the plate to hold and warm towels and folds at the sides to conceal the wall fittings. The radiator can be used for offices, spas, hotels, or modern homes. Unfortunately the manufacturer didn’t have an image that shows the unit with towels.

The radiator is U.L.-listed and is available in the United States through Hydronic Alternatives in Springfield, Mass.

MASK_set up


Images courtesy of Caleido.

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