Half + Half Doors by Lualdi and HOK Product Design


Introduced last year, the Half+Half collection of doors was developed by Italian door maker Lualdi and the product developer HOK Product Design. Fashioned after men’s tailored suits, Half + Half responds to the needs of architects and interior designers looking for high-quality doors that have been specifically designed to fit in small spaces where swing and sliding doors are not feasible.

These engineered, high-density honeycomb core doors swing and pivot to open in a “half-in-half-out” position. The door jamb is in anodized aluminum with a telescoping system designed to fit walls 4 7/8” thick. The rotating system is integrated in the door and jamb. HOK Product Design, an independent business of the global design firm, developed a series of three design trims that combine wood and/or painted slabs, detailed with a shot of intense color, like the bright orange shown below.




All images courtesy of Lualdi.

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