Greencloud Planters

Magnuson - GREENCLOUD-0100

Though light and airy, this family of planter pots are tough enough for offices, transportation terminals, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and even schools and universities.

Constructed of a partially recycled painted steel and aluminum (and completely recyclable post-use) the grouping includes suspended and free-standing floor- or surface-mounted planter pots for use either indoors or in covered exterior spaces. Manufactured by Group Mermelada Design Estudio in Barcelona, the pots are distributed throughout North American exclusively by Magnuson Group.

Magnuson - GREENCLOUD_ciclorama_003

The drum-shaped planters come in a choice of three diameters and heights, or suspended hanging lengths for each. Each model contains interior molded water saucers, and holds three, four, or five individual plant pots, depending on diameter selection. It’s rare to find a planter beautiful enough for a residential setting that is tough enough for high-traffic public spaces, but these Spanish designers have really nailed it.

Magnuson - GREENCLOUD_ambiente_002Magnuson - GREENCLOUD-C_ambiente_001_RV1

All images courtesy of Magnuson Group.

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