Showroom Tour: Robin Reigi Inc. in New York City

A meeting area in the showroom is surrounded by samples.

New York City-based designers and architects with an interest in materials have most likely paid a visit to the Robin Reigi Inc. showroom in New York City at some point since it first opened in 1998. Run by the eponymous Robin Reigi and partner Jennifer Daly, Robin Reigi Inc. specializes in the sourcing, development, marketing, and sales of innovative architectural materials.

An established resource in the architecture and interior design industry, the material showroom exclusively represents manufacturers, artists, and fabricators ranging from hardwood flooring to custom resin surfaces. While primarily catering to the trade, the showroom is open to clients visiting with their architects, students, and other design enthusiasts searching for the latest in material innovation.

I first met Reigi while I was an editor at Architectural Record magazine. She sent over samples materials like TAC Acoustical Panels, GlasPro colored glass, and the incredibly tactile Brush Tile. I was so impressed by her material savvy that I invited her to join me in a presentation during an Architectural Record Innovation Conference, which was well-received by the audience of 300 architects, designers, and engineers.

Here are some photos that I took last week during a visit to the showroom, where I caught up on the company’s latest materials including a new wide plank hardwood flooring collection, compact felt surfacing, and sculptural Plyboo panels. The Robin Reigi Inc. Showroom is located at 48 West 21st Street suite 1002, New York, N.Y. 10010. Call first to arrange an appointment.

Robin Reigi Inc. partners Robin Reigi and Jennifer Daly (left and right).


The office area of the showroom.


A gallery showcasing Plyboo bamboo panels in various patterns.


Samples on display.


A BuzziSpace kiosk in the corner offers some acoustical privacy in the showroom.


New Plyboo panel patterns and textures.


Detail of Plyboo sample.


Reigi presenting her new line of wide plank American harwood flooring to a group of visiting architects.


Samples on display.


A tray of smaller sized samples.
D. Angus Stocks with Smith & Fong Plyboo presented several new patterns.


D. Angus Stocks with Smith & Fong Plyboo presented several new patterns.
New Plyboo patterns.


A colorful sample box of Baresque felt surfacing.


All images © Rita Catinella Orrell.

2 thoughts on “Showroom Tour: Robin Reigi Inc. in New York City”

  1. First time ever looking at your website – I am happy for you to be so successful. I remember well when you helped me in the metropolitan museum of art and may or may not partially got you interested which resulted in your future line of work. My last “hurrah” : visiting my hometown in Germany one more time in June. It’s ok I do respect you and no further note from me. nor do I expect one from you. “Uncle” Karl


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