New Tile + Stone Options from Ann Sacks

In case you didn’t make it out to Vegas last month for Construction Week, Ann Sacks unveiled nine new collections as part of the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. The materials include a variety of new metallic designs, including Lux Decorative inspired by Old World Moroccan doors, and Reveal, a multi-process glass tile mirror look. Also new are two neutral limestone designs and large-scale, three dimensional cement tiles that double as sculpture by Andy Fleishman and Daniel Ogassian. Here are some of the standouts from the new collections.

Earthglass is a hand-produced line of tile composed primarily of post-consumer recycled glass. Shown here is the Herringbone Mosaic in Camel, measuring 3/4” x 4”. Camel is made of up to 82% post-consumer recycled glass, while the two other colors in the collection are 64% recycled.
Lux Decorative is an intricate marble tile inspired by the elaborate solid bronze doors on the entryways of ancient mosques. The 16”-square tiles feature three designs (Relias, Sultan, and Riad) offered in Silver, Pewter, and Gold colorways. The designs are created by taking smooth marble stone and incorporating a raised, highly-detailed design that reflects traditional Moroccan motifs. The rich color is hand-leafed in the Old World tradition. Appropriate for almost all indoor, dry, vertical applications. Shown here is Relais in Pewter.
The Sultan tile in Silver from the Lux Decorative collection.


Crafted of 72 percent post-consumer recycled glass, Reveal uses the stained glass industry technique of through-color-glass. The color is achieved using various oxides and unlike many mirrored tiles, Reveal has an undulating surface of ripples, folds, and random markings.

Ogassian Brise is a handcrafted cement series of open designs by artist Daniel Ogassian. Inspired by Ogassian’s love of the glass and cinder block designs of the 1950s and 1960s, the tiles are created through a combination of Old World handcraftsmanship and modern technology.
Ogassian Brise.
La Palma is a sparsely mottled gray limestone that is speckled with tiny fossils and bits of white, deep gray, and shades of soft brown. Ideal for any vertical and horizontal surface, La Palma comes in 12” x 24” and 18” x 18′ fields, a 30” x 72” slab, and an arrow mosaic.
The Geode Collection by designer Andy Fleishman was inspired by the beauty of a natural geode. Geode is matte concrete made from recycled materials which has been molded and then polished in places and left raw in others to create a variety of raised designs.
The Geode Collection.
The Geode Collection.



Images courtesy Ann Sacks.

2 thoughts on “New Tile + Stone Options from Ann Sacks”

  1. hello,
    I have an outdoor roof top terrace and I like the get some info regarding the Geode collection, the spoke tile is my favourite.
    I leave in Canada and I am wondering the that the tile would be strong for the Canadian cold weather?
    What is the weight for 1 square foot tiles?
    Can you deliver to Canada?

    Thank you for your kind info.
    Regards, AK


    1. Thanks for your question. I reached out to Ann Sacks and they suggested that you contact their Canadian showroom for any questions. Here is the info. ANN SACKS

      #101-1616 West 2nd Ave

      Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V6J, 1H4


      Monday through Friday 9am-5pm

      T: (604)742-2015

      F: (604)357-1659

      Best of luck and thanks for reading!



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