Hype & Structo Lamps by Curio Design

Hype table lamps.


These spindly, sophisticated lamps from the Oakland, California-based tech company Curio Design have a humble origin — the lighted carriage that goes across the glass on a copy machine. Widely used in the scanner/copier industry to provide uniform light distribution, these “lights guides” have been reinvented by Curio Design to improve the quality of general illumination. Rather than an array of multiple LEDS, a light guide projects light along an optical path with just a a single high brightness LED. The benefits include improved light uniformity, reduced glare, and the elimination of multiple shadowing.

Curio Design launched two lamps earlier this year at the New York Gift Show, Hype and Structo. Designed by Naty Moskovich, Hype features a combination of rigid and flexible materials that enables dynamic motion while retaining it’s shape and form. Made of aluminum, silicone, and plastic, Hype comes in a table version, a 59”-high floor version, a triple pronged pendant, and a table “clamp” light. Designed by Naty Moskovich and Iddo Zimmermann, Structo eliminates complicated mechanical knuckles and joints to showcase the patented light guide technology. Made of wood, aluminum, and plastic, Structo comes in a 23.6”-high table and 63”-high floor version. Integrated Bluetooth wireless control can pair the fixtures with mobile devices to turn the lights on/off or adjust dimming level.

Hype Floor Lamp.
Structo Floor Lamp.


Structo Table Lamp.


Hype Triple pendant.


All images courtesy of Curio Designs.

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