Wick Lamp by Graypants

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Recalling Austen-era ambiance without the risk of fire damage, Wick is the perfect modern interpretation of the classic candlelight lamp. Designed by Seattle- and Amsterdam-based Graypants, Wick is a rechargeable, adjustable, portable lamp that can be used as a bright reading light or as a way to create an intimate atmosphere indoors or out.

A smooth touch sensor controls the warm 1W, 2600K LED light, toggling 3 lighting levels, and offering a pulse mode that mirrors the soft flicker of a candle. Wick is constructed with an aluminum body, plated in satin brass, with an ergonomic carrying ring referencing classic candleholders. Wick has an USB-C rechargeable battery within, with a battery life of over a hundred hours on the lowest setting, with a minimum of 12 hours at its brightest. Wick is available for pre-order now, with limited quantities shipping in September. $149.00.

All images courtesy Graypants.

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