Scribit Write & Erase Robot

Named by Time Magazine as one of the top 100 best inventions of 2019, Scribit is a “writing robot” tool that allows you to draw images and text on any wall surface. Created by M.I.T. professor Carlo Ratti, Scribit was designed as a creativity empowering tool for home, office, museums, galleries, and other spaces.

Scribit works on a two-axis plane, moving up and down two discrete wires hanging off a vertical wall. The circular robot can place itself at any point with great precision and uses four markers in its center to reproduce content. Scribit can draw, cancel, and redraw new content an infinite number of times, allowing you to print a different image on your wall every few minutes. The robot can travel on every kind of vertical surface, from whiteboards to glass to plaster, allowing any vertical plane to become a screen.

The tool can be used in endless ways. A restaurant can post the day’s menu on the wall, a financial firm can post stock market updates in its lobby, or an art teacher can share student or master artists’ work on the class walls. Just imagine what an architecture or design firm could do.

Scribit is available through the MoMA Design Store. $499.00 (for non-members).

Images courtesy MoMA Design Store.

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