Philip Watts Hardware

Based in Nottingham, England, Philip Watts Design offers a collection of door pulls, portholes, stair nosing, signage, and other products for high-end residential or commercial projects. Specializing in "giant jewelry for doors", the company has designed for Sir Elton John and other A-List celebs, as well as for clubs, exclusive hotels, and restaurants such as… Continue reading Philip Watts Hardware

Kast Concrete Sinks by Lowinfo

British manufacturer Lowinfo has evolved from a concrete mixer in a garage and a mobile showroom from the back of a van, to a fully equipped factory, design office, and showroom. Kast, a new range of concrete sinks from Lowinfo, comes in customizable sizes, colors, and styles. Since Lowinfo can produce multiple casts, Kast basins are… Continue reading Kast Concrete Sinks by Lowinfo

Architectural Sculptures by Chisel & Mouse

Robert and Gavin Paisley are the architecture enthusiasts, and brothers, behind the architectural sculpting studio Chisel & Mouse. In their workshop in East Sussex, England, the Paisley brothers make architecturally inspired art pieces out of plaster by combining traditional sculpting, molding, and casting techniques, with modern technologies like CAD and 3D printing. While their sculptures… Continue reading Architectural Sculptures by Chisel & Mouse