Philip Watts Hardware

Based in Nottingham, England, Philip Watts Design offers a collection of door pulls, portholes, stair nosing, signage, and other products for high-end residential or commercial projects. Specializing in “giant jewelry for doors”, the company has designed for Sir Elton John and other A-List celebs, as well as for clubs, exclusive hotels, and restaurants such as the Yo Sushi chain. To check out some of the products up close, you can visit them stateside at Booth 2408 during next month’s ICFF, held May 17-20 in New York City.

Brass Coral handle.
Brass Coral handle.


Living WB-07411-067
Stainless steel Circular porthole.
Solid circle
Morse stair nosing.
ladies white background
Ladies vintage signage.
gents dark background
Gents vintage signage.
Brozne Plank
Bronze Plank door handles.
Bronze leaf 2
Bronze leaf door handles.
Bronze Chock
Bronze Chock door handle.


All images courtesy Philip Watts Design.

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