Northwind Paneling by Viridian Reclaimed Wood

Portland, Oregon-based Viridian Reclaimed Wood has introduced a new line of commercial-grade paneling derived from reclaimed transpacific crating material. Called Northwind, the wood is from a mix of slow-growing spruce and pine from the frigid climate of subarctic Russia. The paneling comes in two varieties: Rustic (in natural, ebony, silver and mocha stains) and Smooth (in natural, ebony… Continue reading Northwind Paneling by Viridian Reclaimed Wood

Viridian Paneling from Reclaimed Cedar and Redwood Fencing

Portland, Oregon's Viridian Reclaimed Wood has introduced a line of paneling derived from reclaimed cedar and redwood fencing. Playing off of the Robert Frost verse ‘good fences make good neighbors’, the Good Neighbor panels are lightweight and come in weathered redwood, fresh-sawn redwood, and multi-toned varieties. The weathered redwood has been exposed to years of… Continue reading Viridian Paneling from Reclaimed Cedar and Redwood Fencing